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    90 Queen St, London EC4N 1SA
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About E.ON

We aim to lead the global shift towards new technology and create a better tomorrow for everyone.

We work with customers, companies and across communities to make energy simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

We built our business on these foundations because we believe they are the building blocks of the new energy world.

How can I contact E.ON Customer Services?

The quickest way to contact E.ON is by using the telephone number at the top of the page. However, we have listed their address and website too if you'd like to try contacting them that way.

Here at Customer Service Support we recommend putting your complaint in writing to E.ON. A telephone call, followed by a written complaint could help your query be resolved more quickly. What’s more, you’ll have a written record of your communication with E.ON for future reference should you need it.

The peak time for most companies receiving calls is around 5-6pm, so try and avoid lengthy call queues by contacting them during the day if possible. However, the full opening hours for E.ON are Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm | Sat - 8am - 6pm

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Use our connection service or visit E.ON for information at no or lower cost